Behaviour memo, I wish my son could read…

Little Teapot is 2 (27 months to be precise). He is incredible & amazes me every day with the things he says, does & learns. The emails I get from various parenting websites (which I must admit, I read on a reactive basis when things come up, than religiously) say that he is probably at the age where he is prone to tantrums & learning the basics of sharing. While we haven’t *touch wood* had an all-singing-all-dancing tantrum yet, we’ve seen the trailers for the main event & I don’t think it’ll be too long before it happens.


We are very much at the ‘testing boundaries’ stage of our relationship.

He is usually very good & the vast majority of the time he does as we ask, or at least stops doing something he shouldn’t be, when asked. I’m not expecting miracles, but there are certain times when I’d really like Little Teapot to pull some best behaviour out of the bag:

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