Too much month at the end of our money

So far this year I have read about the Government’s changes to the benefit system & also to the increase on tax for those in the 40% bracket with mild interest, but nothing more if I’m honest, because they don’t affect me. What has pissed me off sent me over the edge is the ruling today that politicians’ wages should increase of over 10% to ‘bring them in line’ after years of receiving no pay rise. This article in the Telegraph shows how the gap between the average worker & the average politician has widened to a huge void since 1972.

mps blog picI wanted to avoid getting into a political discussion on my blog & I applaud the fact that some politicians have rejected these pay increases (although as I write this, David Cameron had yet to commit either way), but this seems ridiculous to me – hundreds & thousands of people across the country would like an 11% pay rise this year, because they haven’t had one in recent years, but the reality is that that won’t happen, as the economy is taking baby steps out of the gloom, but still has a long way to go. Continue reading