To NCT or not to NCT, that is the question.

Not that I have that many but, newly pregnant friends will often ask whether I recommend them going to NCT classes (just to clarify, I mean I don’t have very many pregnant friends!). I know it’s an issue of contention & I suppose, I have two answers. The first is ‘YES!’ with a caveat of ‘Maybe not’!

Allow me to elaborate: Continue reading

I will not be beaten this close to the end….

I’m on day 29 of 30 NaBloPoMo & I have been struck down, but refuse to be beaten. I have been feeling off it all week & for the last few weeks, it’s been creeping up on me, if I’m honest. This time of year is always super busy for me at work & I think I have probably been running on adrenaline for a little while now, as I finish off my meetings & do my end of year appraisal.

My appraisal was on Tuesday & I had got myself so hyped up over wanting to do well in it, that it literally felt like a physical weight had been lifted once it was over.

My body obviously picked up on this & my health has crashed & burned over the last few days & now I have a kidney infection. After going to the out of hours GP this evening, I am on bed-rest & antibiotics & – providing I am not sick again – will avoid being incarcerated at our local hospital.

It’s Little T’s birthday party on Sunday, so this is not ideal timing, but I’m hoping to be on the mend by then. This does mean Mr T is going to channel his inner Paul Holywood tomorrow & bake 36 fairy cakes, but I have every confidence in him.

Night night. I’m off to recover.

#everycloudeveryday The joy of giving, but sometimes not receiving.

I love Christmas, I love birthdays, I love weddings & I love Christenings. In fact, I love any occasion where I get to buy someone a present. I love buying gifts & the joy of giving. I’d like to think I am a thoughtful gift-buyer & take time to decide on the perfect present for the person receiving it. Continue reading

Sleep is for wimps. Part 2.

As you may have read in Part 1, Little T has suddenly regressed to getting out of his bed when we put him down & rising at 5am, after almost 3 years of being a good sleeper. This week we bought a GroClock & put it in his room. Admittedly, it may have been a bit overambitious to set the ‘wake-up’ time for 7am on the first use, but we were desperate! Continue reading

Sleep is for wimps. Part 1.

Turns out I may be using the big Santa bribe after all. I cannot think of a single other way to get Little T to stay in his bed, both after we’ve put him to bed of an evening & much past 5am in the morning. This is having a less than beneficial effect on Project Happiness, which is in danger of turning into ‘Project Biting People’s Head Off For No Reason’, ‘Project Being Generally Tired, Run-Down & Looking Like Shite’ or ‘Project Ain’t No Touche Eclat Strong Enough For These Bags’. I’m being a little melodramatic, but you get my drift. Continue reading