I am a slightly overweight, slightly underwhelming, slightly too-honest, 30 something, happily married mummy of a beautiful toddler. I’m new to the whole blogging malarkey. If I could genuinely be powered only by tea & gossip, I’d be a damn sight skinnier than I am now….

This is a collection of my thoughts, ramblings & musings that I’m not sure anyone will ever stumble across. I’m hoping the blogging process will prove to be cathartic & I read recently that those who write things down have lower stress levels. That makes it worth a try….

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    • Wow – thank you so much! I am holding out on this for a wee while, as I haven’t got enough blogs to nominate, so I am doing my research! It really means a lot that someone enjoys what I write. I write as I think & am enjoying blogging enormously so far. Thank you for your support.

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