Brotherhood of Man #everycloudeveryday

Yesterday, on the M6 just outside Knutsford, I was part of something amazing.

There were roadworks & the lanes reduced from 3 to 2. We had ample warning & everyone merged in an orderly fashion, knowing that this would slow their journey, but acknowledging that the M6 can be a cruel mistress at times.

Everyone, that is, except for a wazzock in Mercedes.

He clearly thought his journey was more important than the rest & that gave him the right to zip straight along the closed lane until the very last moment & nip in to the stream of traffic.

What happened next was incredible. I could almost imagine Sir David Attenborough doing a voiceover describing the incredible behaviour of the humans in their metal boxes, as all of the cars in that outside lane quickly began to move as one. There was a fluidity rarely seen in motorway driving, as we all knew – at this moment – we were working towards a higher purpose.

Each driver abandoned thoughts of ourselves & our destinations, adopted unsafe stopping distances between us & the car in front & edged slightly out into that closed lane, with the sole intention of teaching Mr Mercedes a lesson & making him wait like we had all had to*. We all played our parts magnificently, knowing we were were merely a cog in a well-oiled lesson-teaching-machine.

It felt good.

More importantly, it worked!

Mr Mercedes ended up merging into the lane at about – if not slightly after – the point that he would have done had he not been such an impatient knob. This was a small but highly significant victory for the queuing drivers & their patience. You could almost feel the sense of euphoria rising from the vehicles all around me as they watched their hard work pay off & saw justice happen in front of their very own eyes.

It warmed my heart to be involved in a demonstration of such solidarity & reminded me of the good that we can see on a daily basis, if we just take a moment to stop & look around us.

Just thinking about it, even the morning after, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up & I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

Today I’ll be on the M1 & can barely contain my sense of excitement at what my journey may hold.

*This post is not advocating unsafe driving, but sometimes needs must.

5 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Man #everycloudeveryday

  1. Brilliant post! How many times have we all sat and witnessed some idiot who thinks he is better than the rest of us try and beat the traffic. It is always satisfying when they get their comeuppance 🙂

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