Sleep is for wimps. Part 2.

As you may have read in Part 1, Little T has suddenly regressed to getting out of his bed when we put him down & rising at 5am, after almost 3 years of being a good sleeper. This week we bought a GroClock & put it in his room. Admittedly, it may have been a bit overambitious to set the ‘wake-up’ time for 7am on the first use, but we were desperate!

Previously in ‘Sleep is for Wimps’….our hero had been in bed for 5 minutes & there had been silence. Luckily this lasted all night, until he rose at 5am to tell us that the stars on his clock were going away. This was true, as the stars around the face of the clock do disappear the closer it gets to morning, but I didn’t particularly appreciate being woken up to be given this observation. I also wondered if he’d just stayed awake all night & watched the stars disappear, one by one?

I went first to put him back into his bed & explained that we’d really like him to stay in his big boy bed until Mr Sunshine appears, like the animals on Sleepy Farm (the story book that comes with the clock). He showed a bit of resistance, but at least got back into bed.

For ten minutes.

After this ten minutes, he opened the door again (because there is a step up from his room & his room is also right next to the stairs, there is a stair gate across his door) & shouted ‘Daddy? Mummy? The clock has broken’. By which, he meant that he had unplugged it. This time Mr T went in, reset it & very calmly explained that we’d like him to stay in bed a little longer, until he could see the sun on the clock. This slightly backfired when I got up to go for a shower before Mr Sunshine had appeared & he showed no hesitation in chastising me for being up before the sunshine. Proof, I suppose, that he’s understanding the concept?? We decided that we should stick with the plan & change the clock to show the sun now I was up. Mr T went back into Little T’s room & explained again about the sun coming up & showed him the sun coming up. By this point it was only 7am & our day had already been going for 2 hours!

Last night, Little T fell asleep on the way home from my mum & dad’s, so Mr T lifted him into the house & straight into bed, without locking the keys on the clock, as he hadn’t needed to, so this morning, our 5am alarm call was ‘Mummy & daddy, I’ve fixed the clock & the sun is up’. This was true. He’d pressed enough buttons on the front of it to get the sun up & he felt like he had every right to be out of bed with the sort of energy levels I have only ever achieved once – by double-dropping Berocca into a coffee. In the cold, quiet, dark still of morning, it hit me: we have been outwitted by a 2 year old.

Tonight, I feel only a moderate amount of guilt when I tell you that he’s staying at my mum & dad’s house overnight. He will likely be a little angel there & stay asleep until 9am, but I am seriously hoping I do too.

I have a feeling this one may run & run…..for now, Mr Moon is out & I’m going to squeeze in every last minute of snoozing I can until the sleep thief returns. Goodnight.

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