#everycloudeveryday A cunning plan…

Today, I went our wearing these beautiful shoes from Boden that I got as a bargain in the sale recently (which, in itself was an #everycloudeveryday moment!). 

It hadn’t looked that cold & was pretty sunny when I looked out of the window & that’s why I thought I could get away with my beloved bistro cropped trousers for just one more day. I teamed the shoes & trousers with a beautiful (also reduced bargain) top & left the house feeling quite chic indeed.

The trouble was, it’s bloody freezing & I ended up with slightly purple, slightly mottled feet & ankles within about ten minutes, which is when I had a brilliant idea: there should be a weather forecast app that tells you what clothes to wear! It won’t give you the temperature in degrees, rather say things like ‘too cold for bare ankles today’, ‘better put a cardigan over a short sleeve top’ or – & this is when you know winter is well & truly here – ‘time to start layering like Joey’.

Genius. Even if I do say so myself.

I have the same issue when we’re looking at holidays & the brochures have the temperatures shown, asking Mr T ‘what would I wear in 25 degrees?’ etc. I can even look at the actual temperature on my phone & still I’m no better off until I go outside. I can’t be the only person who has this issue?!?

The only downside I could see with the app is that it wouldn’t take into account your ‘nesh’ rating, as it’d be called in Derbyshire – ie: whether you’re naturally hot- or cold-blooded, but I think you could factor that in, a bit like when you weigh yourself on the Wii & have to say how heavy your clothes are beforehand.

Now, I just need a name & I’ll be a billionaire……..

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