#everycloudeveryday 19 posts down, 11 days to go.

If #NaBloPoMo were a music album, this post could be described as a ‘filler’. Quite rightly, to be honest, but I just wanted to take a little self-indulgent minute or two to look back over the last 19 days.

I hadn’t posted on my blog for 3 months prior to starting the challenge to myself to write every day. Life had been getting in the way a little & when I read a post on Mumsnet about writing a blog a day, I thought this might be the kick up the bottom I needed.

I have found it quite easy up to this point to write & have even discovered scheduling to make my life easier (I genuinely thought other bloggers were surgically attached to their laptops at all hours of the day & night before this little time-saving gem!). It feels super organised to know that when I am going away working, my blog will publish itself & tweet about itself too!

I don’t have the most widely viewed blog, but I am enjoying writing & finding that the more I write, the more I can write. I have had the best day ever the day I wrote this blog that I wrote through a flood of tears at the injustice of not being able to have it all & have written about totally random things that have entered my little mind on any particular day – like the arrival of the Christmas adverts, my favourite songs to run to & serious issues, such as my journey to a diagnosis of a prolactinoma. The numbers of people reading it have crept up & up gradually over the last few weeks. It has now been viewed in 25 different countries too – I find this mind-boggling. The people reading my new blogs are also taking the time to look back over my older blogs too, which makes me really proud.

I wonder if I should be finding a ‘niche’ to get a wider audience on a more specific subject, but the truth is that I enjoy writing whatever comes to me. I have some more blogs written (in my head, at least) for the next couple of weeks, but – & this is my main aim – I hope that I am able to continue to add to my blog after #NaBloPoMo finishes (although perhaps not at the rate of a blog a day!). It has revived my passion for writing it & made me remember why I wanted to in the first place. I’d love to be able to write as a way of earning some sort of a living in the future (along with many other – potentially more funny & wise – bloggers) but at the moment, I’ll settle for the free therapy & cathartic effect of putting it all out there for people to read.

The fact that anyone takes the time to read & comment on what I have to say still astounds me & that all of these are strangers is even more satisfying, as you have no reason to do so, other than wanting to (I blog anonymously & none of my friends or family know, so don’t feel obliged to read every post). If you’ve made it this far, I’d just like to say ‘Thank you’ for making a girl happy. Each & every time time I see that someone has re-tweeted by blog, commented on it & that the reader stats are increasing, it is an #everycloudeveryday moment for me.

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