#everycloudeveryday A party for the sake of it

What a bloody brilliant idea! Last weekend, we attended just that: a party for the sake of a party & it was marvellous.

It was arranged by the mum of my friends, who had – over the past few years – had celebrated her eldest daughter’s 30th, eldest son’s 30th, Ruby wedding party, her twins’ 30th birthday party & thoroughly enjoyed them all. They are a family renowned for their fabulous parties & when she realised there was no big milestone to celebrate this year, she decided ‘what the heck’ & planned a party anyway!

The party actually started the Saturday morning, as a few of us got together & ran the ParkRun as a great way to start the day (& potentially detox a bit before retoxing that evening), before another gang met at the pub to watch the rugby before going home to get into our party attire. (I also got a new PB, if you were wondering….).

The theme was ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ & the intention was to wear the Little Black Dress at the back of your wardrobe that doesn’t get as many outings as you’d like. The gents all wore bow ties, although most with jeans & trainers, so they weren’t in danger of looking too smart. As we are mid-way through Movember, the selection of dodgy moustaches on display was very entertaining, too.

The venue was the upstairs room of the local working men’s club & it was just the right amount of Phoenix Nights meets Strictly Come Dancing that was required. We had to enter through the bingo session of the regular members downstairs who all looked at us as if we were mental, but we didn’t care!


The evening began with a ceilidh & the first dance was a social dance to get everyone up & mingling, which was a great idea. Much hilarity ensued as we all got the steps wrong & ended up twirling down the centre of the group with giddy smiles plastered on our faces. They didn’t leave our faces until the end of the night. After the ceilidh was a band, who were

I worked out that by doing the ParkRun I had worked off the equivalent of 2 Jager Bombs & I well & truly used every calorie I had earned (plus about 6 billion more)! The night ended – as many a good night does – in the kebab shop around the corner from the venue & with a fry-up in the local greasy spoon in a bid to feel a bit more human.

The beauty of a party for no reason is that there’s no pressure – it’s a great excuse to get people together. We often complain that we don’t get to see friends in far-flung places often enough & there were so many people there from all across the country, who’d travelled back to be there, so it was brilliant.

It doesn’t matter where you are, just who you’re with.

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