#everycloudeveryday ‘Holiday’ is a tricky concept for a toddler.

A while ago we went down to Devon for a week’s holiday. Little T knew we were going somewhere & had helped us to pack, but I’m not sure he understands the concept of a ‘holiday’ as it’s not a fixed, tangible ‘thing’. When we picked him up from pre-school, we said we were going on holiday & if he had a little sleep, we’d be almost there when he woke up. 

A couple of hours later, a little voice piped up from th back seat ‘Are we in Devon yet?’ & we had explain that no, we weren’t there yet, but were on our way.

When we pulled up outside the cottage we were staying in, he said again ‘Are we in Devon now?’ & we said yes we were. He looked contemplative for a minute & looked out of the window, before saying ‘Where is Devon, I can’t see it’?!

The first morning we were there we decided to go to the swimming dome in Torquay & realised that we hadn’t packed any swimming nappies, so we stopped off at Sainsburys on the way. While we were in there, we had a conversation as follows:

Little T: ‘mummy, when are we going on holiday?’

Me: ‘we’re on holiday now’

Little T: ‘This is not holiday, this is Sainsburys!’.

After we’d been swimming, we came back to the cottage & met my parents, who were with us & my dad asked Little T what he’d done that day, to which he replied ‘I’ve been swimming in the Liverpool’…..seems like ‘swimming pool’ got a little lost in translation slightly too!

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