#everycloudeveryday Little T’s ‘Roary-isms’

Little T is a huge Roary the Racing Car fan & while we don’t watch tv regularly in our house, he requests Roary whenever he goes to my parents house & – grandparents prerogative – they usually say yes!

The voice of Big Chris, who is the mechanic in the show is narrated by Peter Kay & it is a proper broad northern accent, as you would expect.

A small hint that possibly Little T was watching slightly too much Roary came a few weeks ago: Little T was sitting in the back of the car & we stopped at some traffic lights behind another car. When the lights went green, the car in front was a little slow to react & LIttle T piped up from the back seat ‘mummy, what’s that chuffin’ car doing?’. I burst out laughing & giggled to myself for the rest of the day.

Last night, we went over to a friend’s house for a bonfire & fireworks & she had provided a few nibbles (as well as delicious mulled cider, but I digress) for her guests. Little T came over & asked if he could have a ‘doornut’? We tried a couple of times to ascertain what exactly he’d meant & eventually had to resort to getting him to show us, as he repeated the same word louder & more insistently, getting more & more impatient. Now, we’re from the Midlands & don’t have a particularly strong accent, so to hear my son pronouncing ‘doughnut’ like he’s from Bolton is something that will tickle me for a long while to come!

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