#everycloudeveryday Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Scott & Charlene

It’s 25 years ago today that Scott & Charlene Robinson (nee Mitchell) tied the knot. Twice; once at 1.35pm & again at 5.35pm, as millions all over the world cheered them on & celebrated as the modern day Romeo & Juliet (without the poison & suicide bit, obvs) got their happy ending. 

How can it possibly be that long ago?? One theory on why it doesn’t seem so long ago is because right up until I lost them (& by lost, I mean leant them to someone who I now don’t remember & didn’t give them back) we regularly used to watch my cherished ‘Scott & Charlene Love Story’ video when we should have been working at Uni. I remember it almost word for word. I did find an entire video of it on YouTube, so that’s my Saturday sorted. Yippee!!


They first met when Charlene returned from living with her dad & climbed through the window of her mum, Madge’s, house. Scott saw her & accosted her, thinking she was a burglar, so she punched him in the face (he was a bit of a drama queen about it, to be fair). They had their ups & downs including him almost being killed in a car accident trying to swerve to avoid a pushchair in the road (as you do) & ending up with a punctured lung & her running off with some random bloke called Warren, who had a mullet & tried to lead young Charlene astray. I don’t remember much more about him, but it was a test of their relationship & they came out stronger on the other side.

Neighbours was ahead of it’s time in many ways, addressing things like gender stereotypes (I wanted to be a mechanic, like Charlene, for several years), drug use, alcoholism, sex & teenage runaways (Charlene was a bit of a wild child & ran away, but Scott – ever the sensible hero – found her on a beach & persuaded her to come home, before she lied to him about having a baby, that actually belonged to someone called Clive (& Susan – although not Kennedy) & was also the cause of the aforementioned car accident, if I remember rightly?!). Ok, so it was a tad random, but it dealt with many of the important issues in a delicate way that was just edgy enough to feel a bit rebellious as a young teen.

As you may have guessed, I was a bit of a fan of Neighbours. My routine used to be get home from school at 3.30; do homework for 2 hours; watch Neighbours at 5.35 (after Newsround); shout at mum that I wasn’t ready to eat dinner until it had finished; switch straight over to ITV to watch Home & Away at 6pm & try to convince mum it was the same programme & it hadn’t finished yet (this usually worked until the adverts); turn off the tv & go & eat tea. Hence, I never really got into Home & Away, although that was perhaps the edgier of the two.

I haven’t watched Neighbours for years now & I don’t think I’d recognise any of the characters, or what was going on, but I long for the days when the chat on the school bus was all about the cast & I am envious of friends who go on the Neighbours tour when travelling in Australia! I was 21 when I learned that Erinsborough, where the families live is not an actual place, but (almost) an anagram of Neighbours!

Hearing it was 25 years ago got me feeling incredibly nostalgic & I found this amazing clip that brought it all back.

Seeing Jim & Helen in the congregation, as they smile at Madge (this had not always been a happy union of the two families) made me remember the Montague/Capulet style secrecy that went on during the early days of their relationship; Des & Daphne were having issues, but the wedding was a turning point for them, as they decided to make a go of it again; Jane the bridesmaid & Mike the best man were having issues too, but I think they went on to live happily ever after. Gayle was also really cross with Paul (for something I don’t quite remember), but the wedding brought them back together too, after he turns round & gives her a look. Harold is there too, but this was before he & Madge pledged their undying love for each other & Mrs Mangel is making eyes at him. When she catches the bouquet later & gives him her ‘come hither’ look, he looks like he wishes the ground would swallow him up. Awkward. Not quite as awkward as I remember feeling when Scott & Charlene snogged at the end of the service, as I was watching it with my mum & dad (who actually couldn’t care less about it, but had been made to watch it, as it was a momentous tellybox moment!).

It was truly a pivotal episode & for a second, I felt like I could almost have been back in my mum’s comfy armchair, scrunchie in my hair & Doc Martens on my feet. Charlene’s dress is a celebration of all things 80s, with it’s puffed sleeves & lace overlay – I can still remember the excitement when her brother Henry surprised her with it (she’d fallen in love with it & couldn’t afford it, so he got a second job & saved up to get it for her; what a guy!). I have been humming the tune in my head all day. They quite simply don’t make telly like this anymore & I think the world is a worse place for it.

I was delighted to see that according to Wikipedia:

‘In the storyline, more than twenty years after their wedding, Scott and Charlene are still together. They have two children, Daniel (born 1992) and Madison (born 1995), and live in Brisbane. Daniel’s name was a sort of unification of family names, having his maternal great-grandfather Dan Ramsay’s name combined with the surname Robinson.’

Happy Anniversary Especially To You (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) Scott & Charlene, *cheers* here’s to another 25!

I also found a picture of the happy couple & noticed that Kylie doesn’t seem to have aged at all. Marriage obviously suits her.

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