#everycloudeveryday Didn’t we have a lovely day the day we went to Brum?

After our fabulous morning looking around the Julia Donaldson exhibition at the Birmingham Museum, we decided to go & look at the new library in Birmingham.

We had a tip off from the waiter where we ate lunch to look out for the bikes outside, but we hadn’t really realised what he meant.

photo 2.JPG

It all became clear as we got closer to the library & saw the crowds gathering outside. There was a performance from some extreme stunt bikes, who were amazing & the children loved them, as you can hear from the video below! Both Little T & his friend absolutely loved it & clapped with glee as the bikes flew through the air. I wasn’t so keen & thought the inflatable mattress was nowhere near strong enough to hold a flying motorbike! I felt a little like I was filming a video that may later end up on the news with an ‘it was all going so well until…’ introduction. Luckily there were no mishaps & it was an added treat to the afternoon.

The library building is architecturally amazing & unlike any library I’ve ever been in before. It’s spread over several floors with a dedicated Shakespeare library at the very top, which I didn’t get chance to explore, but plan to go back another day when I have lots of time. Bliss!


All day when we were there there were workshops going on across the library, for ‘Light in the Box’ weekend. In the afternoon the children’s session was ‘Do It Yourself Magic Lanterns’, so we decided to have a look at it. It was in the Middle Earth room & although it was perhaps aimed at slightly older children, the lady hosting was very welcoming & explained the concept to Little T & his friend.  The little ones got to draw an image on to a piece of perspex that was then put into the projector & projected onto the wall at the end of the room. They were amazed to see their little pictures so big & seemed to grasp the concept a little better after actually seeing their pictures on the screen. There are lots of different events on, just have a look at the library website before you go for inspiration.

photo 4.JPG

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t my idea to go to the library, as I’d feared it to be like our local library, where Little T & I were once ‘shushed’ while he was looking through the children’s section, but I needn’t have worried: the downstairs is totally dedicated to children & has big throw cushions scattered all around so we could sit & grab a book & have a read of some new bits & bobs. We found a new book called Boy by James Mayhew, that Little T loved & has been quoting all week.

Thankfully, we had chosen to go on the day that the clocks went back, so with two absolutely shattered children, we headed back to the train station for our journey home. Little T was asleep before we pulled out of the carpark of the station & slept until 6am the following morning…..I dread to think what time he would have been up if we’d not worn him out!

We had a fabulous day & we could go back again & again & find something different to enjoy on each visit.

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