#everycloudeveryday It’s Red Cup day! Hooray!

Quite simply, I bloody love winter!*

*By this, I mean proper Alpine-style winter, with lots of snow, log fires & all-round cosy loveliness, NOT the typical UK drizzly winter when roads come to a standstill after an inch of snowfall.

As a former ski racer, I love the cold weather & have always preferred to be too cold rather than too hot. Give me knitwear & boots over sweaty, floaty, summer dresses any day.

First thing this morning, I recieved a text from a friend which read ***RED CUP CLAXON*** so (despite the fact that I was planning to work from home all day) I headed straight to Starbucks & got my own little bit of toffee nut deliciousness!

As we’re trying very hard to be on a budget, Starbucks has become a treat rather than an everyday indulgence, so this made it all the more tasty! I’m looking forward to working my way through the flavours & to the arrival of the gingerbread loaf with cream cheese icing.

Christmas in our house is strictly banned until after Little T’s birthday on December 6th, but it made me smile that the red cups are a little reminder that winter & all it holds is on the way!

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