Am I (accidentally) the man of the house?

So, it’s really quite sad that I have finally got round to writing a blog & now I think my first post may also be my last. I’m not sure I’ll make it through the afternoon, let alone the night.

I have man flu.

I’m not going to lie; between my husband & I, I make much more of a meal of being ill than Mr Teapot. He’s only had 2 days off sick in 8 years of work. In this area of our relationship, I am much more the ‘man of the house’. I think Little Teapot might give me a run for my money soon though, as he’s turning into a little drama queen! I have bought in heavy artillery:

The big guns...

The big guns…

Thinking about how I want to curl up under my duvet, drink hot toddies & watch Gossip Girl DVDs until I feel better (ok, so maybe that part isn’t that manly) made me think about other areas where our roles aren’t the most traditional:…


I am much more bothered by cars than Mr Teapot. I have spent about the last 6 months deliberating which car to get when my current company car is out of contract… October. He’d happily drive any old banger, if it will fit his knees behind the steering wheel, a cricket kit in the boot, the baby seat & the dog inside. These are literally his only criteria. (This is my dream car, for those of you that way inclined/secret millionaires who haven’t yet done their good deed for the day: ).

Household jobs (is it still acceptable to say chores – they are so very dull!):

I’m just going to put it out there: When other women moan about how little their husbands do around the house, I have to smile & nod as if I feel their pain, but really I don’t, because I’m a very lucky lady.
Mr Teapot does all of our washing & ironing. I am terrible at ironing. I also hate it. It takes me ages to get everything just right & after 2 shirts have taken an hour, I feel like I’m ready to put my feet up & have a well-deserved glass of wine. When Mr Teapot was at uni, one of the cleaners showed him the best way to iron a shirt quickly. I thank this woman with a skyward glance most days (I have no idea if she’s passed away, I just feel like she was my personal angel, sent from heaven so that I never have to iron. Amen).

Mr Teapot also empties the dishwasher most mornings, before getting the baby up, dressed & away to the child minder or grandparent’s house. I am responsible for some things – I do most of the cooking, although I can’t cook bacon without setting off the fire alarm, so that’s very much his speciality. Neither of us a particularly great at cleaning, but I tend to reach the ‘I can’t live in this shithole any longer’ point before him & have a blitz. If we had more money, I’d get a cleaner, as I just think there’s something so liberating about not having to spend your time off work trying – & usually failing – to keep on top of the house stuff, but spending it doing fun stuff instead!

DIY: I love my husband. (I know what you’re thinking – she’s going to say something horrid now, because she’s started like that, but I’m not). He is an IT genius – I can’t even get the DVD player to go through the tv without assistance, so to me, he’s like the Steven Hawking of the entertainment & IT devices in our house, but when it comes to DIY, he’s not exactly Bob the Builder. Mainly because of time issues, but the master of DIY in our house is my dad. Usually when something needs doing, I ask Mr Teapot, then I ask again a couple of days later, then again in a few weeks. Next, he might try to fix it, without the right tools/skills – like the cupboard in the kitchen, which is held together by parcel tape; or the drawer that broke 3 weeks ago & you now just have to lift it ever-so-gently up & out to open it; or the time he took out the old dishwasher, but didn’t tell me he hadn’t reconnected the pipes under the sink, resulting in a flooded kitchen & grumpy wife. He might try again, but usually not.

Then I’ll ask my dad.

I do wonder at what point we (I say we, I mean my dad/Grandpa Teapot) can teach Little Teapot to do the DIY & just bypass us both…

There are still a few definite ‘man jobs’ that I will not do – including mowing the lawn & cleaning up to dog poo from the lawn, but I do put petrol in the car & know how to check the oil. I maintain that, as I don’t have a willy, I shall not be responsible for potty training Little Teapot either, but that is apparently still open for discussion…..

I think we’re pretty much living in harmony – apart from when the bin is full & we both avoid taking it out – so I wonder if we are ‘normal for 2013’ or is it about everyone finding what works for them?

I think I’m all blogged out for now, so I’ll get back to my duvet & hot toddy. If I don’t make it, it was nice knowing you……

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    • I’m getting better at DIY (purely based on the fact that I can only ask so many times before I think ‘sod it, I’ll just do it myself’ either that or – my preferred option if money were no object – GSI (Get Someone In)!

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