Got Milk? My year-long journey to a diagnosis of something I’d never heard of….

When I was 21, I had size 34HH boobs (that got your attention didn’t it?!).


They were ginormous beasts that made every day a nightmare. They started to grown when I was 11 & just didn’t seem to stop! I am only 5’4″ & was once asked by a guy in a bar how I managed to stand up – it was a fair question! I suffered constantly with backache, regularly got pervy comments from men, had a nightmare shopping for clothes that fitted (I was a size 12 on the bottom & a 22 on the top) & had to give up the sports I loved because I was a danger to myself & others & the pain in my back & shoulders for days after was agony – not to mention the bruises & blisters on my shoulders from having them (semi) contained in a sports bra! Continue reading

Project Happiness, aka: #everycloudeveryday

I have been neglecting my blog for a while. I’m sorry.

If I’m honest, I’ve been neglecting myself for a while too.


I have lost my sparkle. I feel like I’m in a hole & I can’t get out. I am struggling to keep all of my ‘work’, ‘mother’, ‘wife’, ‘friends’, ‘family’ & ‘money’ plates spinning together & feel a bit overwhelmed by life in general. If I haven’ t been at work, I’ve been asleep & that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Continue reading