The Diet Diaries age 15-31 & a bit

I recently had lunch with a friend who now happens to be the girlfriend of someone I went to school with (bear with me here…). She said they’d been discussing what a small world it was & he mentioned that when he’d known me before I ‘used to be well fit’. Well, that must be the worst compliment ever?!

He is right, I suppose: when I was in my mid-teens, I was very fit, healthy & loved competitive sport. I played netball, hockey, basketball & ski raced regularly, which meant that I went on fitness camps, ran & did weights daily. Looking back, I was pretty damn hot. I even had a six pack. What I’d give for a six pack now….

When I reached 17, I got kidney failure as a result of glandular fever & that’s where the saga with my weight began, as the exercise stopped abruptly & I slowly but surely put weight on & became a bit more squidgy around the edges with every year that passed. I never really regained my previous fitness levels, due in part that I never regained my energy levels & so exercise became much less enjoyable & more of a chore.

I’m not impatient, but…..

It was also around this time that I discovered alcohol & this, I fear, was the final nail in my figure’s coffin. Since then, I’ve tried more than my fair share of diets, with varying degrees of success….

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Am I (accidentally) the man of the house?

So, it’s really quite sad that I have finally got round to writing a blog & now I think my first post may also be my last. I’m not sure I’ll make it through the afternoon, let alone the night.

I have man flu.

I’m not going to lie; between my husband & I, I make much more of a meal of being ill than Mr Teapot. He’s only had 2 days off sick in 8 years of work. In this area of our relationship, I am much more the ‘man of the house’. I think Little Teapot might give me a run for my money soon though, as he’s turning into a little drama queen! I have bought in heavy artillery:

The big guns...

The big guns…

Thinking about how I want to curl up under my duvet, drink hot toddies & watch Gossip Girl DVDs until I feel better (ok, so maybe that part isn’t that manly) made me think about other areas where our roles aren’t the most traditional:…

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